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Where you choose to workout can influence how well you perform your exercises and how well you feel afterward, so you must carefully choose your workout environment. Details like temperature and humidity can make a difference when it comes to comfort and safety, which is why we thought it would be helpful to let you know which is the ideal workout environment.

Outdoor environment

If you work out outdoors, you shouldn’t choose hot days because you could feel weakened due to the heat that makes you sweat excessively. Regardless the temperature, you must hydrate very well so your body will have the necessary resources to lower its temperature otherwise, you could suffer from heat exhaustion. Cold days should also be avoided because exercising implies heavy breathing and the cold air can damage your airways.

Indoor temperature

  • If you workout in an interior gym, you should know that the indoor temperature should be somewhere between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. Working out in a room too hot increases the risk of dehydration which can lead to heatstroke and heat exhaustion, so you must always make sure that your gym is never too hot. When the outside temperatures tend to raise, the inside also becomes hotter so you will need to install a cooling system that will create a pleasant environment. For summer days with high temperatures, use a tower fan to blow cool air into the room so you will feel more comfortable. The tower fan uses small fans placed along its tall housing that create a cool airflow designed to make the workout ambiance more appropriate for physical effort.
  • On the other side, low temperatures could also be dangerous because you could catch a cold if you work out in a cool room. During the winter, the gym will require some heating and an infrared heater could be of good use. This device emits heat instead of blowing heat so the energy use is kept low and there is no hot air that could be lost. The infrared heat is absorbed by your body so you will feel warm without having to increase the air temperature too much.

Indoor humidity

Humidity is also important in a home gym because it influences how comfortable you feel. The recommended air humidity should be around 40% to 60% and the easiest way to monitor it is to install a hygrometer. In case the levels go too high, use a dehumidifier that absorbs water vapors from the air and enables you to set the desired room humidity level. Once the dehumidifier reaches the exact level, it will turn off so the air won’t become too dry.