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The fact that you suffer from a disability should not keep you from being an active person because there are many ways to exercise even if you are in a wheelchair or you use a mobility scooter to move around. Your upper body can be strengthened and you can improve your overall blood circulation with some efficient workouts that will keep you in shape. Discover below some comfortable and easy to perform exercises specifically designed for mobility challenged people.

Dance in your wheelchair

People in wheelchairs can always strengthen their arms by propelling themselves in an empty room without a carpet by only using their arms. It might seem easy, but you will get tired at some point and by pushing your limits, you will increase your endurance. You can also put on some music and follow the rhythm while pushing your wheelchair using your arms so you will work your arms, shoulders and upper back muscles.

Move your upper body while sitting in the mobility scooter

If you can walk, but with certain difficulties, you can strengthen both your arms and your legs using a stability ball. Sit on the ball and move your arms and hips to work your upper body muscles and to make your legs stronger for times when you will want to walk. You can practice while sitting in your mobility scooter by rotating your body and waving your hands so you will increase your mobility. Squeeze a ball between your hands to make your hands stronger.

Use the arm ergometer

Mobility challenged people can use the arm ergometer, a fitness equipment specifically designed for people who need to work their upper body. This device looks like the lower part of a bike with the difference that you rotate the pedals with your hands and not your feet. By rotating the pedals of the arm ergometer, you train your arms and shoulders muscles and increase your endurance to effort. The best thing about this device is that it provides a type of cardio exercise that also strengthens your heart muscles.

Lift small weights

Dumbbells are great for upper body workouts even for people with mobility impairments because they strain the arms muscles with every flexing of the arm. Depending on your physical strength, choose various weights that don’t pose a risk to your health. Don’t overstrain your arms but lift the dumbbells as much as you feel capable to.

Stretch with resistance bands

Resistance bands can also be used by people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters because they don’t imply using the legs if the person is unable to do it. Combine resistance bands with some stretching to work your arms and shoulders muscles and to improve your endurance.