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The metabolism represents the way your body creates energy by burning proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. The muscles use all that energy to create movement. Many people consider that their metabolism has slowed down, which is why they have gained weight, but this may be caused by the fact that there have been some changes in their daily routine, such as eating on the go, having a desk job, lacking physical activity and so on. If you want to stimulate your metabolism, read the following lines and learn some tricks.


  • Try to eat less and have more meals. This approach has many benefits because it helps you stabilize your blood sugar and keeps your body regularly processing food that keeps energizing your metabolism.
  • Don’t skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Your metabolism will need food in order to gain vitality.
  • Eat lean proteins. Since your body needs more energy to digest the proteins, choose meals that contain lean proteins such as turkey, eggs, fish, beans, low-fat cheese or chicken breast.
  • Spice your favorite food with spicy peppers, hot sauce or whatever you like. Spices don’t have many calories and boost your metabolism up to 8%.
  • Water is also very important because it helps you through the process of burning fats. You can also drink green tea. Combining decaffeinated green tea with exercise creates more visible results.


  • Aerobics – It burns calories and preserves your accelerated metabolism even after you finish the exercises. Try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic each day.
  • Building muscles can help you lose fat much faster so all you have to do is to add strength training.
  • Cardiovascular activity also has a very important role and can help you increase your metabolism and burn fats. Include to your physical training some high-intensity moves with recovery periods.


As we already mentioned above, exercise is essential for boosting your metabolism, and you can get the best results through aerobics, cardio and weight training. But what is there was a way to combine all these workouts in a single intense training session. This is what Crossfit is all about. Not only that, but since it is pretty intense, Crossfit keeps your heart elevated throughout the entire workout. Elevated heart rhythms have been proved to improve metabolisms significantly. There are numerous gyms where you can try this workouts. In big cities you have more than one such gym. For example, there are over 15 Crossfit Los Angeles gyms, but even smaller cities will have at least one of two such gyms.


The supplements are recommended only if they are added to a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. You may find the benefits of the vitamin B-complex for energy and the Co-enzyme Q10 for the vitality of the muscles and the stimulant effect on the body’s metabolism. Also, the amino acid L- Carnitine helps transport the fat to the muscles, so they can burn and transform it into energy.


Maintain a healthy sleep schedule because it helps regulate the metabolism. Try to go to bed around the same hour every day and sleep at least 8 hours per day. Before going to sleep, you may take a warm bath that will help you relax and have a restful sleep. Avoid caffeine in the evening and exercises before you go to sleep.