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If you’re thinking about adding muscle mass, now is the perfect time to start working, and in the summer, you can be proud of your body. You should spend some quality time in the gym to stimulate your muscles to grow bigger. Here you can find some tips which will help you get faster results.

Train under an hour

Firstly, you must try to have your own program which should not keep you busy for more than one hour. It’s very important to focus on the high intensity exercises. You should know that a marathon training will not help your muscles grow bigger. You should always focus on what you do at the gym and on what you eat, but avoid being stressed. Keep in mind that the stress works against you. When the body is under high levels of stress it will unload a higher level of hormones that will weaken the tissues rather than strengthen them. So, try to work intensively, but no more than one hour.

Make a habit of healthy eating

Eating for muscles is very important. Try to have 3 regular meals based on rice, vegetables, chicken or fish. You should try to add oats to your diet. The oats can change the consistency, but if you grind it, it will pass almost unnoticed. This combination is better than fruit shakes because oats carbohydrates perform better at restoring muscle glycogen which is the main focus in building muscle mass. Even if the fruits are rich in nutrients, containing 50 % fructose, they don’t help you increase the glycogen levels. You can also try shakes with protein powder. These have plenty of calories and can help you to achieve your weight objectives.

Try supplements

For plenty of people, these supplements work well, but not for all people. Due to the unique nature of your body, for some persons, the supplements can have some side effects. The protein supplements will help increase your muscle mass by adding a lot of calories. You can also introduce creatine in your diet. This supplement will increase your muscle performance and muscle cell volume. You should also think about taking whey protein supplements because they will help you reach your fitness objectives faster. It’s important to know that these protein supplements can also affect you. It’s recommended to see a specialist who can tell you what kind of protein supplements are good for your organism.