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The big majority of modern people see sleeping as a real luxury these days. This is all due to the fact that we lead hectic lives, trying to do as many things as possible in one day. Unfortunately, the fact that we sacrifice our precious sleep time can put a toll on our health and our appearance. In case you workout, the fact that you don’t sleep as much as you should makes matters even worse. Therefore, if you want to learn how the lack of sleep actually affects your workout, read the following lines.

How lack of sleep affects performance

Poor sleeping habits alter the intensity of your workout. Due to the fact that your body is already worn out before you start exercising, you won’t be able to perform as you should. A study has been done by the Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory to prove the importance of sleep for those who workout. This study showed that if you increase the number of hours in which you sleep, you will see great improvements in performance, endurance, sprint times and that your heart rate will be lower as well.

Lack of sleep and cravings

If you workout, it’s clear that you want to have a fit body and maintain a good health. The lack of sleep will surely stop you in your quest for the perfect body due to the fact that you will have uncontrollable cravings. The lack of sleep increases appetite during the day and brings cravings due to the fact that it interferes with hunger hormones. Therefore, no matter how much you workout, you won’t have a perfect body if you don’t sleep enough because you will feel hungry at all times.

What you need to get a good night’s sleep

There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that you will have a good night’s sleep. The first change that you must make in order to achieve that resting sleep is to change the mattress and the pillow that you sleep on. For the price of around $1400, you can ensure that you will have a quality night’s sleep due to the fact that you will lie on the Harrison The Emerald mattress. The high spring count and the all-natural filling of this mattress ensure that you will sleep like a baby on it. It’s available in soft, medium, and firm, and it offers a cool side and a warm side to ensure that you will rest perfectly on it no matter the season. A great pillow that you can sleep on to get the perfect night’s sleep is the Original Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow that can be yours for the price of $140. This amazing bamboo pillow is made of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester. It offers full comfort and support, eliminating all the sleeping pains that you have dealt with. Also, it keeps you cool throughout the night to ensure that you won’t sweat and that you will have a resting night’s sleep. Last but not least, for you to fall asleep like a baby you should use a sound machine. These devices play soothing nature sounds to ensure that you fall asleep fast. Also, they generate white noise to block any disruptive sounds that may appear throughout the night.