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Although working out is great for your body, it keeps you fit and protects you from many diseases, you can’t ignore that fact that muscles soreness prior workouts is extremely unpleasant. Luckily, we have some great remedies that can ease your muscle pain, so keep reading to find out how to avoid the unpleasant effects of working out.


Staying hydrated will help you soothe muscle pain caused by intense workouts because water helps nutrients reach the tissues of the muscles so they can recover. Make sure you drink plenty of water prior, during, and after a workout so you will feel muscles soreness. Alkaline water can be even more effective as it contains more oxygen that is able to hydrate the body tissues in depth.


Nevertheless, the massage can be a great remedy for sore muscles because of the relaxing feeling it offers. Choose to use a massage chair after a workout session and you will soon see the results. The movements the chair provides improve blood circulation in the muscles and help you rid the pain and tension caused by exertion. Kneading movements are great for back pain because they are the perfect combination between strength and gentle.


Heading to the sauna can also be helpful if you experience muscle soreness because the warmth created inside the sauna relaxes the muscles. An infrared sauna, in particular, can offer great performance in soothing muscle pain as it manages to penetrate deep into the tissues. Unlike the regular sauna, an infrared model is more powerful and provides a more comfortable warmth that allows you to spend more time inside.


Although your muscles hurt a lot, try stretching a little by performing some gentle exercises that will reduce tension in the muscles. Walk a little, do some yoga, or simply stretch your arms and legs to allow the muscles to recover elasticity and to improve mobility. Otherwise, you might feel pain with every step you take.

Cherry juice

The high level of antioxidants this juice contains has made it one of the most popular and efficient remedies for sore muscles. Cherries are packed with nutrients that allow them to decrease muscle pain so, adding them to your smoothie is a great way to recover after an exerting workout.

A hot bath

Warm water is definitely a remedy for sore muscles because it helps induce a feeling of relaxation while dilating the vessels to improve blood circulation. Soak your body in a hot tub to allow it to relax and you will feel much better. For more efficiency, alternate warm and cold water to shock the muscles and force them to work.