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Toned and well-defined arms, is something that we all want, especially when summer comes, and we, as women, want to look spectacular in our favorite dresses. Therefore, if you actually want to do something about that, then you must definitely take a look at the following best exercises for defined arms.

Back-hand press

This exercise is a very simple one, and most of all, it is extremely efficient. You must start the exercise on all fours. Hold a 3-pound weight in each hand, and bend your left elbow slightly. While doing so, you need to extend your left arm straight up and also slightly away from your body. You need to switch sides and repeat the exercise for about 40 times. If you want to obtain fantastic results, then you must make sure you do this exercise every day, for about a month. Your arms will be toned and you will also feel great.


For this type of workout, you need to stand, and keep both of your feet a bit wider than hip-width, and your arms extended out to the sides. When doing so, keep in mind to keep your palms facing back. Continue by bending your left elbow, slightly, turning your palm up, and pulling your arm back behind your body. After doing so, you need to straighten your arm. You will obviously need to switch sides. Repeat the exercise for about 30 times a day, and for several days, in order to obtain the desired result.

Twisted front punch

This is definitely one of the best exercises for defined arms, which is very easy to put into practice. What you need to do is to stand with your feet a bit wider than hip-width. You must hold a 3-pound weight in each hand. You must extend one arm at a time, straight out in front of your body, while you rotate your arm inward. This is a set, and you must do 8. In order to obtain wonderful results in a very short period of time, you could do all the exercises mentioned in this article, by using weighted arm sleeves which are absolutely amazing.