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People who exercise regularly are familiar with the rowing machine and probably use it for working their body. This fitness equipment is inspired by rowing boats and the arm movements that rotate the oars in order to move the boat through the water. However, few people know what exactly can a rowing machine do for their body and which are the benefits of this device. For them and for everyone who is curious to discover the advantages of working out on a rowing machine, the following lines will come in handy.


The type of exercise you perform on the rowing machine can hardly be replaced by another physical activity unless you have a lake and a boat available. Since this is unlikely to happen, you can only enjoy a full-body workout like this by using the rowing machine at home or at the gym without any effort.


Whether you choose to go to a gym to use the rowing machine or you buy one for home use, your investment will not be very large. Compared to other fitness equipment that can cost thousands of dollars, a good rowing machine costs less than $1000. You can get a great deal for a unit with multiple features that will offer you plenty of fitness options.

Comfortable to use

The ergonomic shape of the rowing machine ensures comfort in use that allows you to strengthen your body without performing dangerous or straining movements. The smart design implies a rope that lets you push and pull your body along the glide using your arms and feet so you will enjoy a smooth workout session of the intensity you choose.

Great workout

Using the rowing machine is not beneficial for a single group of muscles in your body but it can help you work your entire body from your legs to your shoulders. With every stroke you complete on the rowing machine, you contract and relax the muscles in your legs, hips, upper and lower back, arms, and shoulders so your entire body will benefit from using this device. This intense workout results in stronger muscles and increased results in losing weight.

Cardio benefits

Same as the treadmill, the rowing machine provides cardiovascular fitness that improves the functioning of the heart and the circulatory system. The fact that the rowing machine strains many muscles in your body forces the heart to pump more blood into the tissues so you will have more energy to finish your exercises. When you row and exert your body, it automatically adapts to the need for higher endurance so next time you will use the rowing machine, your body will be ready for the intense physical effort.